Repairing exit tray part number 1530443

Replacing this entire tray assembly is very difficult! It requires removal of the ADF unit, the scanner unit, the upper left housing, the top paper guide assembly and the upper housing. (Yuck!)

However! The piece that's directly attached to the printer seldom fails. It's the pieces that extend out further that get whacked and break. Since these bits are not sold separately, the easy answer is to disassemble this part to get what you need. The extended parts of this tray each snap into the next larger piece. If you look closely at how it's put together you'll see how it can be taken apart. The biggest piece – the piece that attaches to the body of the printer – has square cut holes on the bottom side that the "stop tabs" for the next largest piece pop into when fully extended. If you gently push in on these stop tabs through the square hole and pull on the extended portion of the tray, the two largest portions of the tray should slide apart. 

Pry gently on the plastic tabs or they may break! (And we won't replace it! Compass Micro's mantra: Experiment with the old part first.)

Don't turn the printer upside down when doing this! Inkjet printers should kept as close to level as possible or ink may flow in unexpected directions - not good!

Here are a couple pictures that should help



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