Epson projectors - lamp issues

Lamp changing issue with regard to Epson projector models:

PowerLite 5350, 5500c, 5550c, 7250, 7350, 7500c, 7550c, 
                 8000i & 9000i

The firmware in early release projectors of this model range may have an issue when replacing the lamp. The problem occurs only AFTER the warning light changes from alternately blinking red and orange, to steady red.This happens when the lamp reaches 2000 hours of use. 

The number of hours on the lamp can be verified by accessing the projector’s menu system. To do this, press the Menu button on the control panel or the remote control. Then select "About" to display the number of hours the current lamp has been used.

There are three basic conditions:

1) If the lamp has less than 1900 hours, the lamp indicator on the projector will be off – no firmware issues. The lamp can be replaced if it burns out or the image brightness weakens.

2) When 1900 hours is reached, the projector’s lamp indicator will alternately blink red and orange indicating that the lamp should be replaced – no firmware issues. Replace the lamp before it reaches end-of-life at 2000 hours.

3) When 2000 hours is reached, the projector’s lamp indicator will change to steady red – at this point, the firmware should be checked before replacing the lamp! We suggest contacting an Epson Customer Care Center for assistance. Call Epson’s automated referral system at 800-442-2110 to locate one near you.

WARNING: DO NOT install a new lamp if the lamp indicator is solid red and you're unsure of the firmware. Contact an authorized service provider to have it checked and updated, if necessary.



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