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Privacy Policy

Effective January, 2011

Compass Micro believes in privacy and actively participated in the PCI Compliance program long before it was required for on-line Merchant Services. This program frequently tests security and outlines procedures for safe business practices which, in turn, assure privacy.

Personal information gathered during the shopping process will not be harvested for profit or used for the purpose of soliciting future sales. This privacy policy does not include an ‘opt out’ clause because it was never assumed that a customer would ‘opt in’ to annoying practices that have become the norm.

Compass Micro does collect and analyze sales data periodically and, if asked, may share information with contracted manufacturers. Compass Micro utilizes this data to identify trends, adjust inventory and modify the web site. Manufacturers become interested in data when sales figures rise sharply or grow to be geographically skewed. Compass Micro honors their agreements and works with manufacturers to prevent gray marketing of product.

This policy may be modified as business practices and consumer needs change. Please check back occasionally. Contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you for shopping with us!