Parts Inside your printer have...

"Parts inside your printer have reached the end of their life ..."
This error indicates that the waste ink pads inside the printer are saturated, and need to be replaced. Also, the waste ink error will need to be reset. 
Every time that your printer runs a cleaning cycle, ink is sucked out of the print head, and dumped into the waste ink pads. The main board inside the machine keeps track of the volume of ink that has been dumped into the pads. Once the main board determines that the pads are full, you will receive this error. 
The pads will need to be replaced, AND the waste ink counter will need to be reset to correct this error. Replacing the pads alone will not make this error go away. Compass Micro, Inc. can sell you the waste ink pads, but we are not allowed to sell the Epson Adjustment Software necessary to reset the waste ink counter, or the Epson service manual to help with assembly/disassembly. However, if you follow the link below to the Epson web site, we believe that they will give you the proper software to reset the counter:


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