Blank output on Epson Stylus Color printers

Don't put a lot of faith in the 'ink status monitor' displayed on your computer screen if your Epson printer doesn't have the new 'intelligent' ink cartridges. This bar graph representation of how much ink you have is receiving its information from the logic board in your printer. The logic board has 'counters' for each of the colors; black, cyan, magenta, yellow and others, if you have more than 4 colors. These 'counters' are easily rendered useless if you do what so many people do - remove one of the ink cartridges. If you remove the ink cartridge the corresponding counter is reset to 'full'. In other words, if you take out the black cartridge to see if it still has ink, and find it is still half full, then put it back in the printer, your 'black status monitor' is going to show full. Then nature takes its course - you use up the other half but the little red light on the printer never comes on to let you change the cartridge because the logic board thinks it's still half full. Then you start getting blank output and no number of cleaning cycles will help. And, as a bonus, you can't follow the instructions for changing ink because the button you're supposed to push doesn't move the head over! If you're in this situation, try this: Hold down the 'paper load' button for a few seconds (the one with the sheet of paper stenciled next to it.) and, on many of the Epson printers, the head will move over to the ink changing position. If this doesn't work, call us. Tearing the printer apart or forcing the head over usually leads to further grief.

If you know you have ink and you have tried cleaning cycles without success, you probably have a clogged head, or perhaps a bad pump assembly. Either way it's time to find the closest authorized servicer - see our Web Links page. Give us a call if you're in the Portland, Oregon/Vancouver, Washington area and we'll take care of you. Please don't ship us your printer! Ink jets don't travel well!!

If your head(s) are clogged, we can flush them with Epson's cleaning fluid. If your pump assembly is bad, damaged, or so dirty it doesn't work properly, we can fix it.

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