Blank output on Canon Bubble Jets & MultiPass

  1. Try running a 'cleaning cycle'. It is very possible that your print head is clogged up - especially if you haven't used the printer for awhile - and a cleaning cycle might be what it needs. The instructions for running a cleaning cycle should be in the user manual. Generally, you have to hold down a button, or buttons, and the head will move over the pump assembly. The pump assembly will then suck some ink through the head and refresh the ink supply to the head nozzles. You can also run a cleaning cycle through the printer driver.
  2. If you've tried running cleaning cycles with no luck, the next step is to check the ink supply. Many Canon printers have opaque cartridges, so you have to judge how much ink remains by the weight of the cartridge. If it is very light, replace it.
  3. If you have ink and have tried cleaning cycles, you may have a badly clogged head or a pump assembly that is clogged or inoperative. Odds are you have a bad head. By head, we mean the black or green 'cartridge' that you plug your ink 'tanks' into. These can usually be purchased at your Canon Authorized Servicer but you might want to call first.

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